Thursday, January 20, 2011

In the last 10 Years

This year I attended my 10 Year reunion picnic for the ladies with children because I am just not a person that can handle big groups of people. It got me to really thinking.

In the last 10 years:

- I graduated High School
- Attended OSU
- Came home from OSU
- Got my first Apartment
- Had quasi liver failure that was defined as some "type" of hepatitis none of the normal abc.... hmmm
- Went sky diving in Vegas
- became a 911 dispatcher
- got a new car (and haven't wrecked it!)
- Got married and stayed married 5 years this year
- bought a house
- had a beautiful baby boy
and I am sure a lot more in fact I may go back and edit this list later :)

I need to be happy just being ME! and quit worrying so hard what everyone thinks of me or if they like me or if I offended them. I try so hard and I stress over it constantly... I send a text, then another... then crap... oh forget that last text..text, before you know it people think I am insane and I do it with email too. The problem is you can't take those back and people who don't know you end up thinking your NUTS and you just want them to like you!

So just be YOU!

In the end sometimes I feel like I just haven't done anything and I get down but, you know I have done a lot and I need to remember that because those things I listed count.  Really peeps, sit down and write down what you have done and you will be suprised... Sometimes it is hard for me to remember just to change clothes in a day but, if I can just remember I got the big things accomplished and I turned out all right... It is all GOOD and people will just like me for me and if they don't well... they shouldn't be my friend anyway!


Anonymous said...

i am going to make my list...because i do have my moments when i feel like i haven't done much. thanks for the reminder.

Nicki said...

We all hit a point where we question whether or not we are moving forward in life. [Clearly you have - you are not the same person you were as a senior in high school.] To make things worse, we women constantly question our worth and under value domestic duties. If you are comfortable at home and your family is doing good - then you are firmly on track.

leslie said...

True and I think it has a lot to do with being a year from 30! I mean it is just a number anyway but man it makes you think, what have I done? And I am sure when I get to 40,50,60 and so on I will be asking myself the same question.